About us

After many years of riding a skateboard, we decided in 2005 to start a core clothing company that would identify us with what we had chosen as a way of life.

Tired of buying imported clothes at inflated prices, we decided to start our own clothing business that would identify us with the style we loved. The prices for the imported clothes were high, and we used the clothes to skate, so it didn’t last long as we were still on the ground. One of our main proposals was to create a local brand at reasonable prices to be able to use it without regrets, but based on good quality and the choice of optimal materials.

After many years in the Colombian market, we have decided to embark on this international proposition. This time with a slightly different working model, but always with the desire to share our ideals and our passion for board sports, that are our reason for being.


We love the skateboarding and the surfing


We have been supporting the development of board sports in Colombia for more than 10 years


More than selling products, we share a lifestyle full of values


A global sharing of our ideals of life with the great family of board sports